When NOT to Stage Your Home


Yes, I know,  how shocking that a Stager would actually suggest there are times when you can skip the expense and time of Staging your home in order to sell. It’s not very common but here are the three times you get a free pass.

#1. Your Home or Location is so incredible, unique or sought out that your home will sell itself.


If you have prime Ocean front property or your home was a significant architectural masterpiece of say Frank Lloyd Wright then in all likely hood you can skip staging. There will be buyers for your home no matter what the inside looks like. You will know if this scenario applies to your home if complete strangers often leave notes in your mail box pleading, “if you EVER decide to sell please call me”.


#2. You have delayed routine maintenance for so long that no amount of Staging will help your home sell.

If a professional inspection of your home would scare away even the handiest of potential buyers then skip the Staging.  Sadly, I often come across this situation when an elderly couple has owned the house for years but eventually ran out money to keep making basic repairs. They go into assisted living and their children (who often times live out of state) decide to sell. Bottom line, buyers are not dumb and putting lipstick on a pig (so to speak) will not help sell this type of home. My advice? Price it rock bottom to appeal to an investor or builder who will either knock it down and build new or make the necessary repairs and flip it.


#3. You insist on overpricing your home regardless of what your Realtor has told you it’s worth.

I see this less now than I did a few years ago but every now and again a buyer will insist they list their home WAY above what the market will bear. Again, let me stress, buyers are not dumb. No amount of Staging will sell a house that is over priced.

So if one of these three situations applies to you…go right ahead and list your home as is, No Staging Required.

For everyone else…If  you would like any help Staging your home to sell…please give me a call at 617-965-3342.

How about you…. Can you think of any additional situations that I might not have thought of when you don’t need to Stage?

5 Responses to When NOT to Stage Your Home
  1. Kelly Reply

    Great points! Image living in that first home? Wow. Let’s hope the sellers can recognize themselves here.

  2. kristie@thedecorologist Reply

    Fabulous and clever post, Linda! You are dead-on right 🙂

  3. Carol Reply

    Well said, Linda!

  4. Sheila @SZInteriors Reply

    Excellent post, Linda! Nothing to add to this one 🙂

  5. RT Reply

    we haven’t paid attention to the realtor with both houses we sold. The last one wanted us to price the house 25% lower than we wanted to sell it. And told us expect to have to drop the price lower. Knowing our neighborhood and what additions and amenities our house had over most with our same model, we said no and told her the list price. Within 2 weeks we had a bidding war and sold the house for another $1500 than what we were asking.
    I know this isn’t the norm for all realtors, but the seller still needs to do their homework and not assume the realtor knows all. 🙂 That 25% more gave us even a larger down payment on the new house being built and able to add a couple structural upgrades that without that extra money, we could not have done and would have cost probably $40,000 to do after the fact instead of $6,000 at time of building..

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