Trend Alert: What Do Cake, Shower Curtains and Hair all Have in Common?



One of the hottest new Design trends of 2012 is Ombre. A French word which translates to “shadow”,  Ombre is simply a gradation in hue from light to dark or dark to light.

Ombre dresses at NY fashion week



When I first started to notice the Ombre hair trend, I thought the celeb really needed to get to her stylist. Now I understand it is a “look” and not a way to simply save on Salon visits.



Wedding cakes and pastries are all showing off with Ombre.


pink ombre cake eddie Ross

pink ombre cake by Eddie Ross



Pretty much everything that has color is showing up as Ombre.


 Ombre paper from katie's Wish on Etsy

Ombre paper from katie’s Wish on Etsy


Here are a few ways you can incorporate the Ombre trend in your home.


pink ombre desk

 Pink Ombre desk


Notice the desk chair has been “ombre’d” as well.


Ombre rugs have been popular for several years now.





ombre drapes, House Beautiful.


This shower curtain from Anthropologie is one of my favorites.


ombre shower curtain from Anthropologie




So how about you like the Ombre trend?  Would you use it in your home?


When NOT to Stage Your Home


Yes, I know,  how shocking that a Stager would actually suggest there are times when you can skip the expense and time of Staging your home in order to sell. It’s not very common but here are the three times you get a free pass.

#1. Your Home or Location is so incredible, unique or sought out that your home will sell itself.


If you have prime Ocean front property or your home was a significant architectural masterpiece of say Frank Lloyd Wright then in all likely hood you can skip staging. There will be buyers for your home no matter what the inside looks like. You will know if this scenario applies to your home if complete strangers often leave notes in your mail box pleading, “if you EVER decide to sell please call me”.


#2. You have delayed routine maintenance for so long that no amount of Staging will help your home sell.

If a professional inspection of your home would scare away even the handiest of potential buyers then skip the Staging.  Sadly, I often come across this situation when an elderly couple has owned the house for years but eventually ran out money to keep making basic repairs. They go into assisted living and their children (who often times live out of state) decide to sell. Bottom line, buyers are not dumb and putting lipstick on a pig (so to speak) will not help sell this type of home. My advice? Price it rock bottom to appeal to an investor or builder who will either knock it down and build new or make the necessary repairs and flip it.


#3. You insist on overpricing your home regardless of what your Realtor has told you it’s worth.

I see this less now than I did a few years ago but every now and again a buyer will insist they list their home WAY above what the market will bear. Again, let me stress, buyers are not dumb. No amount of Staging will sell a house that is over priced.

So if one of these three situations applies to you…go right ahead and list your home as is, No Staging Required.

For everyone else…If  you would like any help Staging your home to sell…please give me a call at 617-965-3342.

How about you…. Can you think of any additional situations that I might not have thought of when you don’t need to Stage?

3 Tips to Achieving a Decluttered Look Without Giving Up Collecting

We all know the big buzz word for 2012 is decluttering. Everyone is talking about cleaning out, living with less, downsizing and getting organized. The fact is though most people still love to collect (myself included). So the big question is, how can you continue to collect (or even keep your existing collections) and achieve that decluttered look at the same time?

#1. Display one collection at a time.  Multiple collections all displayed at the same time will add both visual as well as physical clutter and not give your home that “living with less” feeling you are trying to achieve. Try rotating your collections and showcasing only one at a time. Maybe your basket collection can take center stage in the Summer then pack it away and highlight your collection of colorful vases in the Winter. This way your collections will always seem fresh and you will keep the clutter to a minimum.



#2. Keep your collections contained. Another way to live with your collections and still achieve that decluttered look is to keep your collection in a designated cabinet. The cabinet below houses a collection of pottery, books and globes yet the room doesn’t look or feel cluttered at all.




#3. Use your collections as wall art. Declutter by getting your collections off the table surfaces and on to the wall as art. There is no rule that art work has to be flat and if your collection is colorful all the better.


This collection of baskets add texture as well as color in this entrance.






What a fun idea for a tween or teen to use their colorful  hand bag collection as art.





This colorful Anime collection seems almost sophisticated when installed along the entire wall in this dining room.



Lastly, if you are lucky enough to be renovating or building what a great idea to actually build a display wall for your collections. Just think how much fun it would be to swap out collections on a seasonal basis;  Coral in the Summer, Nutcrackers at Christmas, a collection of Red items around Valentine’s Day, Pumpkins in the Fall… so many possibilities!



So how about you…Are you a collector who wants that declutterd look and feel in 2012? I know I am.

What Did Color Do To You?


“Other than music and body language, color is the only form of expression that does not require words.”  Leatrice Eiseman




One of my big takeaways from Lee Eiseman’s color class was the fact that we all have deeply embedded color memories. In most cases we are not even aware of these memories, but trust me, we all have them.

Think about your favorite color…do you know why you love it?  Perhaps you had a favorite stuffed animal that was that color or maybe a favorite Aunt, who always brought you a present, used to wear that color often.

Now, think about your least favorite color…do you know why you dislike it? Perhaps you injured yourself when you  fell off  the monkey bars painted that color or maybe a bully teased you who always wore a jacket that color. The point is, our color memories have a huge impact on us and determine our relationship with color.

This point was so well illustrated when we were discussing the color yellow. Yellow is perceived as the happiest color; it represents warmth and sunshine.



Imagine my surprise then, while walking back to our rooms, my friend told me she felt like crying while Lee was showing images of  yellow. She couldn’t figure it out until she had an “ah ha” moment. She realized that the anniversary of her Mom’s death was coming up and her Mom’s favorite color was yellow. Her kitchen was yellow, her house was painted yellow and she often wore yellow. Yellow had taken on a sad memory for my friend because she missed her Mom and the color yellow reminded her she was no longer with her. Once she made the connection she felt better about the color yellow and her sad feelings subsided.


So…take a minute to give some thought to your most liked and most disliked colors…  Can you remember…what did color do to you??


By the way….pinky beige is my least favorite color…maybe this is why.




EWW !!




If you would like help filling your home with colors that make you happy, give me a call. 617-965-3342.





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