LA Bound Courtesy of COLOURlovers

Tomorrow morning I fly from Boston to Los Angles to spend 4 days studying with international Color Guru Leatrice  Eiseman. Leatrice is a world renowned  color titan, the director of the Pantone Color Institute and one of the key people responsible for picking the much anticipated color of the year (Tangerine Tango for 2012).  It has been a dream of mine to attend Leatrice’s class; I own all 5 of her books and often look to her color pallets for inspiration in home interiors.

2 years ago I had the privilege of studying with another Color Expert, Maria Killam. Maria taught us how to choose color correctly by understanding and working with color undertones. I learned about “flow” and how colors should “speak” to one another. It truly changed my business over night and the knowledge I learned from Maria was invaluable. From what I understand, Leatrice’s class goes  more into the psychology of color and how color affects our mood and behavior.

The most exciting part of all this is that I actually won a full scholarship to attend the class. I entered a contest just before Christmas through a web site called COLOURlovers. If you haven’t heard of this site and you love color you MUST check it out. For the contest I  had to upload a color pallet that “spoke to me” and write an essay on how color has impacted my life. This is the pallet I choose along with the photo I took that was my inspiration.


COLOURLovers 1st Place Scholarship winner Linda Holt


I never imagined that this photo and corresponding  pallet would connect me to such an exciting opportunity and make a dream come true. The competition was fierce so I am shocked and humbled that I won. I’ll be signing off now for a week or so, but when I return I promise to share all my newly gained Color knowledge with you all.



If you would like  help choosing color, decorating or home staging contact me at 617-965-3342.

How Do You Take Your Trim?

Many of you may not remember but back in the 1990’s a very popular paint trend was white walls with very dark green trim. In fact, my husband and I painted the living room in our very first house that exact combination and I loved it. Of course way back then,  I knew nothing about color “flow” and in the adjoining room I painted the walls yellow and the trim blue.

Today though, most people seem to default to some type of white trim. Although white is perfectly fine (although which white?) there are actually 3 different ways to handle trim color.  So before you grab that can of white I hope you will give all three options some thought.


Option #1.  Light Trim with Darker Walls.



This is by far, the most common, and is a perfectly good way to paint a room. White or light trim gives a nice clean look that makes the wall color pop.


Option #2.  Darker Trim, Lighter Walls.



Looking for a little drama? Black or dark trim could be just what your room needs. Dark trim will make beautiful architectural features the show stopper in the room and if you live in house where the moldings are worth showcasing this might be the way to go.

Not quite ready for such a dramatic statement? How about a soft color on your trim? Although not as dramatic as black it will still draw attention to a beautiful room feature.





Don’t you just love the orange painted window trim as the one pop of color in an otherwise very white kitchen?





Option #3. Trim and Wall the same color.




Rooms with awkward doors or uninspiring trim can benefit by painting out everything the same color. The room will become more of a seamless box and the furnishings can take center stage. A bedroom is a great place for option #3 because bathroom and closet doors chop up the wall space. By painting everything out the same color, the bed can take center stage and the room becomes more relaxing and unified.



Even though this room below is a hot bright color, it still looks relaxing and almost reads as a neutral due to the fact that the entire room is all wrapped in the same color.



Can’t decide between option 1, 2, or 3? …maybe this photo below will be the newest trend in painted trim.






So how do you take your trim? Would you still default to white or are you an option #2 or #3 type?

Are you planing on painting in 2012? Please give me a call if you would like help choosing trim or wall color.

2 Design Trends that are Here To Stay (in my humble opinion)

At the start of every New Year, Design magazines and bloggers love to discuss  Design Trends. The one good thing about Design trends is that they have a longer life span (8-10 years) than fashion trends (1-2 years). However, depending on what part of the country you live in will dictate if a particular trend is still “in” or “out”. New York City will most likely have moved on from a trend before say Cleveland (nothing against Cleveland, just saying).

I have read all the reports and to save you some time, here is a partial summary of what’s “hot”…(or not)… for 2012.

Color trends: Brown is out, Gray is in. Bright clean colors have replaced muddy earth tones, and Pantone’s  Tangerine Tango has replaced the 2011 color Honeysuckle Pink (which replaced 2010 Turquoise).

Furniture and Accessory trends : Chevron patterns, Moroccan influence, Ikat, Gourd lamps, Nail head trim, Sunburst mirrors, Geometric prints, Lanterns, Greek Key Motifs, Painted furniture, Repurposed Yard Sale Finds, Maps, Animal prints (esp. Leopard), Coral, Faux bois, Acrylic/lucite, Eco-Friendly design.

 Art trends: Oversized Photography, Horses, Silhouettes, and Gallery Walls.


My friend Kristie the Decorologist wrote a great post about Elle Decor’s 2012 Trend Report that you can read here which generated a TON of comments. The thing about trends is that by the time most of us get on board with them they are almost “over”. So what is someone on a limited budget to do? We want our home to look current but don’t want it to look “trendy” or even worse, dated in a few years. My advice is to either buy what you love and forget about trends all together or  invest in a few trendy accessories such as pillows or decorative items and then swap them out in a few years when the “trend” is over.

There are 2 trends though which I believe are here to stay. Both have been building in momentum and I would say it is now a huge movement with no turning back. I don’t have a single friend or client who isn’t on board with this first trend.








In my opinion the allure of the affordable “made in China” home decor is over. We are all decluttering, organizing and talking of downsizing. We are striving to live simpler, happier and healthier lives and it is nearly impossible to do that surrounded by excess decorative “stuff”. Americans are waking up to the power of living with less, buying quality over quantity and buying “American Made”. Sorry Homegoods, Walmart and Pier One but your days might be limited.


and the second one is GREEN DESIGN



I have seen a huge change in attitude even from a few years ago concerning going “green”.  Almost ALL my clients today insist on low or no VOC paint where just 3 years ago they went for price first and environment and air quality second.  I read that Whole Foods had their best year yet and we all know how pricey Whole Foods is. People are concerned now like never before about their health, their families health and the Planets health. Recycled, and re-purposed furniture and accessories continues to grow in popularity year after year. Main stream stores like Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate and Barrel and Restoration Hardware are all pushing sustainable and recycled items.


Dining Table From Restoration Hardware reclaimed wood collection


I think the best thing about living with less and Green design is that it seems to have created a renewed interest and energy around decorating and design. Home owners are taking charge of their home, asking the right questions and living in a more authentic and sustainable way. The popularity of D.I.Y. blogs, design TV shows and readily available “designer” items on the internet has opened design to everyone. The old way of  decorating is changing and I believe it is all for the good.


What do you think?  Do you agree with my 2 design trend Predictions or do you think in 2020 we will be tired of living with less and dream of the excess of the past.



If you would like some help putting your decorating vision together or help choosing the perfect paint color to complete your room, give me a call.



A New Year, a New Name and a New Clarity

Happy 2012! I hope you all had wonderful holidays. After two weeks of “all family all the time”, I am looking forward to getting back into my work routine and continuing my blogging journey.  Like so many of you (whose posts I have read over the past few weeks)  I am so excited about 2012 and all the big goals, dreams and plans I have for both my personal life and my business.



Although I know it is cliche to set goals on Jan 1st,  there is just something magical about a fresh start. Every year I buy a beautiful new journal and write down my personal goals and my business goals. A few days ago, just as I was about to start writing, I read Jennifer Renyolds blog post  about her 2012 goals.   Jennifer used one word that struck a cord with me. She used the word Clarity. This is it! The magical word for me in 2012. As Jennifer said in her post, I too needed to get really clear about what I wanted to accomplish in 2012 and beyond. Once I approached my goals from this single word everything fell into place.





Which brings me to my very big announcement…. In 2012, New Light Redesign is going to become Linda Holt Interiors. In all honesty I have been struggling with the name New Light Redesign since I started my business 4 years ago. I get way too many calls to do “Lighting Redesign” and a large number of people are directed to my website after they Google “Lighting Redesign”. At networking events I am always having to explain what it is I actually “do” as the name gives little clue: and although I do focus on using what the client owns, in 2011 almost all my clients hired me for Color help and traditional decorating. It seems I named my business after something I rarely get asked to do.

It was Jennifer’s post (thank you SO much Jennifer) that made me realize I need to be very clear and honest with myself about what I do and what I want to do going forward.  So, I have decided 2012 is the year I stop wasting energy thinking and talking about changing the name and just do it. Am I concerned about the huge amount of work and expense involved in changing my business name? yes. Is it going to happen over night? no. Do I even know exactly how this is all going to work? no again.

But now that I have put it in writing there is no turning back. Wish me luck… and if any of you have any advice I am open for suggestions.

Here’s wishing all of us the best year yet!





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