Why Starting a Blog is Like going to Your First Dance

When I first began writing a blog I quickly came to two conclusions. First, blogging takes up a huge amount of time (just like everyone said it would) and second, blogging is just like going to your first dance.

For the longest time,  I thought about blogging but I was resistant. There are already millions of decorating, color, and design blogs out there. I was held back by self limiting thoughts that kept popping into my head such as… I’m not a writer, and, what do I have to say that is any different, smarter, more insightful, or better, than everyone else already blogging?

What if no one ever reads my blog? Kind of like….

I want to go to the dance but I am scared. There are already SO many kids going. I don’t know how to dance and I’m not as pretty, smart, athletic, or popular as everyone else going to the dance. What if no one asks me to dance? What if I stand in the corner all night?

You think about your first blog topic for weeks…You write your first post… you hit Publish…you feel a little sick.

You think about what you will wear to the dance for weeks…your Mom gives you a ride…you walk into the school gym…you feel a little sick.

It happens! You get an email that you have a  comment on your post….your heart races… who is it?… what did they say? You see it’s your friend who commented, the one who has been encouraging you to start a blog for months. You’re  happy for the comment even though you know it is a “good for you” kind of comment. It’s okay though, you feel good, at least one person has read your blog. Kind of like…

It happens! You get asked to dance… by your cousin. You’re  happy for the dance even though you know your aunt bribed him to ask you. It’s okay though, you’re on the dance floor and the other kids see you dancing. You have made it out of the corner and onto the floor.

Then…A few more blog posts and another Designer/Blogger comments on your post…OMG!! You are SO excited. Someone who you follow and have been following for years actually took the time to read your blog. All day long you feel great! Kind of  like that Sally Field acceptance speech…you like me..you really like me!

Then…A few more dances with your cousin and the really cute boy on the hockey team asks you to dance…OMG!! You are SO excited. Someone who you have had a crush on for years asks you to dance. All night long you feel great…he likes me…he really likes me!

Then reality hits….

What am I going to write about for my next blog?… How am I ever going to continue coming up with fresh ideas, photos, text? What do I have to say that is smarter, more insightful, better, than everyone else already blogging?

Kind of like…

What am I going to wear to the next dance?… how am I going to come up with new dance moves?  I’m not as pretty, smart, athletic, popular,  as everyone else going to the next dance.

Yup…starting a blog is just like going to your first dance.

Now if you are STILL interested in starting a blog I urge you to read this blog post by  Maria Killam of Color Me Happy.

Oh..and by the way…Just know that if you leave a comment I’ll be dancing all day long!




22 Responses to Why Starting a Blog is Like going to Your First Dance
  1. Barbara Bix Reply

    Wow! Great post Linda! And, congratulations on mastering the blogging dance! It takes creativity like yours to do it.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Barb!!!

  2. Chantal Christine Boudreau Reply

    BRAVO you DID IT!!!! Nice blog Linda…loved the metaphor with the first dance…was feeling the excitement all the way to the end ~

  3. Linda Holt Reply

    Thanks Chantal… I’m dancing!

  4. kristie@thedecorologist Reply

    You certainly don’t seem like a newbie to me! What a great post, and it certainly captures that feeling we all had/have when we begin blogging. Congratulations on putting yourself out there – half the battle, for sure. Keep up the good work and share it with the world!!!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Kristie, you were one of the first to comment on my blog… now you know how I was feeling that whole day!!

  5. Hannah Reply

    Whew…it’s like starting an exercise program, the first day is the hardest! Great post and congrats. I’ll be taking the leap soon…er, ummm….yeah, soon…

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Hannah! Also, you now have your first blog title…”Starting a Blog is like Starting an Exercise Program”. LOL!

  6. Sheila Zeller Reply

    Your 2-part post ’10 Things Buyers Don’t Care About’ was brilliant – tweeted both of them for you with positive response 🙂 There are so many ideas out there about blogging – just be yourself, and be good to yourself. The next article will come, and so will the next one, and the next one!!!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Sheila..I so appreciate the positive feed back!

  7. kimberly grigg Reply

    Hi Linda,
    I have been blogging for a long time now. As frightening as it can be sometimes, it is always rewarding. I would like to say that the “stagefright” never really goes away. Even today, I was nervous about my post (almost 2 years into this thing!). It’s because you care so celebrate and enjoy the journey. I will follow you! Good Luck!

  8. Linda Holt Reply

    Thanks so much Kimberly. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who feels this way….not so glad to hear the stage-fright never really goes away.

  9. Susan Siefer Reply

    Linda, this is brilliant and funny and oh so true. I don’t know which is worse…the memory of that first dance or hitting the publish button. Thanks for posting.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Both are pretty intimidating because it’s easy to feel so vulnerable and “out there” for everyone to see and judge.

  10. Maria Killam Reply

    Linda, such a fun post! Thanks for linking to my post!
    Keep it up, love it already!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Maria! I love every post you write and the one about blogging I read and re-read about 10 times and also sent it to several friends who like me, were on the fence about blogging.

  11. Shelly Reply

    I LOVE this! It’s so incredibly true! I dread the feeling of finishing a blogpost that I feel pretty darn good about and then that sinking feeling of….what’s next? What will I be able to write about next that is as good as this?!? ugh… Kind of like an actress that wins an Oscar (oh yea…my posts are that good…NOT) and is nervous about topping that performance with the next role.

    Keep writing…I’m reading it!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks so much Shelly for the comment. I think the take away is that we put way too much pressure on ourselves when in reality, our readers are not nearly as critical as we are on ourselves!

  12. Kelly Reply

    Love this! So glad to read everyone feels like me with all the ups and downs. Do you check your ‘hits’ five times a day? Do you hit ‘publish’ then not an hour goes by that you start to think of what next? 🙂 Are they interesting? Informative?? That’s me too! Don’t worry, you are off to a great start!

  13. Linda Holt Reply

    Thanks Kelly….I have to laugh though because I don’t even know how to check my “hits”. Figuring that out, and setting up my Blogroll are both on my “to do list”.

  14. Kelly, Restyling Home by Kelly Reply

    If you use wordpress maybe I can help a little bit. Not that great at it.

  15. Linda Holt Reply

    Thanks for the offer. My son has “promised me” he will help me next week… figures crossed.

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