For the love of WHITE

Ever since I can remember, I have loved color. I mean I really love color. Show me a sassy RED, a cool TURQUOISE or a happy YELLOW and my heart starts racing. There is just something though about a pure, clean white that makes me stop and take pause.

I think these rooms are both so beautiful….


AHH……can’t you just imagine relaxing in this room?  I LOVE IT…….. for about 10 minutes……after that, I would be throwing bright colorful pillows on the sofa, flipping through my color fan deck  and  swapping out that white rug out with something maybe like this.



Matt Camron rug

Matt Camron Rug

Kristie Barnett AKA  The Decorologist recently blogged about this beauty from West Elm which ironically I had just brought home about 2 weeks ago for my own house but just couldn’t seem to find a spot for it. Wouldn’t this look fabulous in one of these rooms as well?

West Elm Bull’s Eye Rug


So maybe an all white room isn’t for me but one thing I can never get enough of are bright white accessories. For whatever reason, I am drawn to white accessories like a moth to the light. I absolutely love them and they fit into almost any decor.  Since bright white accessories are SO popular right now I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

For on line shopping, Z Gallerie has a huge selection of fabulous white accessories and Jonathon Adler is my all time favorite designer for white animal pottery.

Ram’s head Jonathon Adler

Here are a few other fun items I want to share.


Isn’t this umbrella stand from Two’s Company so cute?



And I think  these would  look great on a mantel against a dark wall.

Kokoware Joss and Main

West Elm also has a nice  selection of white accessories. I have seen this owl lamp used by HGTV’s  David Bromstad at least twice.

West Elm also has a fabulous collection of white vases in lots of different shapes and sizes.

West Elm

And for those of you totally in love with all white everything, this is the room for you!

So to all you color lovers out there…I would love to hear how you feel about white.

8 Responses to For the love of WHITE
  1. Kathy Spencer Reply

    I love the all white rooms but realistically it will not happen for me until I retire in my imaginary beach houce on the ocean!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Yes Kathy, with your imaginary perfect family who always showers before they walk into the room and sit quietly while discussing the days current events:)

  2. Mira Furth Reply

    Love this blog! you have a way of writing about something I wouldn’t notice that inspires me to notice more! personally I find total while intimidating. it is so against my nature of being slightly messy. On the other hand, white accent pieces as you have illustrated, bring a special power to any environment. BTW, love those rugs too!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Mira!

  3. Kelly, Restyling Home by Kelly Reply

    As I am getting older, gasp!, I am finding I am drawn to the all white rooms. And I have always loved color so much, this is really unusual for me. I like the ram’s head, of course it is Jonathan Adler! Not too crazy about the owl lamp. 🙂 Great post and beautiful pictures!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Kelly….and thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Shelley Armella Reply

    Hey Linda! Great post on white although I like you would be adding pops of colour here and there. I just recently painted our TV room floor which was a fir floor to Benjamin Moore White Down and we LOVE it!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Shelley, I LOVE white floors. Is it difficult to keep clean?

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