10 Things Buyers Don’t Care about (Part Two)

In my last post I highlighted items one through five of the 10 things buyers don’t care about when they are looking to buy a house.  Here is the eagerly awaited  part two of my list (6-10) of things Buyer’s Don’t Care About.


6. Your family living situation. How you live in your home and how you market your home for sale are TOTALLY different. I understand why the bunk beds are in the dining room ( the in laws are visiting for the Summer) and why a pool table is in the living room ( you never use the room anyway) but buyers don’t care. Buyers are not that imaginative and rooms  must be staged as to their intended purpose or else Buyers just get confused.



7.Your wonderful memories. Your children were raised there, the family gathered there for every holiday, your husband built the awesome tree house. Sad to say but buyers don’t care. Buyers are looking at sq. footage, number of bedrooms and baths, school district, and a number of other things, none of which involve your good memories of the house. You MUST detach yourself from all those house memories  if you truly want to move on and make the sale. Remember, the day you decide to list your home, it no longer “your home”… it is now a” future buyers home”.



8. Your favorite place in the world. Okay, you adore the beach (who doesn’t)  but shells, mini lighthouses,  lobster pillows and hanging wood signs that point “This Way to the Beach” in a home located in say, Utah, is not appealing to buyers. Themed rooms or homes  decorated based on your favorite vacation spot is just going to limit your pool of buyers. Remember, just because you love Provence doesn’t mean buyers do.


Which leads me to…



9. Your decorating style (or non style). Buyers don’t care about the fabulous wallpaper that you spent 6 months looking for or the stenciled boarder you so  painstakingly put up in the nursery. Buyers don’t care that you think the dated brass ceiling fan is  “just fine” or that the blue wall to wall carpet from 1985 is “still in great shape”. Buyers want to see updated and current light fixtures ( no brass) , neutral painted walls ( if you have wallpaper, take my word for it…take it down), neutral flooring, and nothing taste specific ( refer back to #8) like dated flowery home furnishings.


And Last but certainly not least…



10. Descriptive Adjectives. If your friends and family use words like “Unique”, “Funky”, “Out of the Box” or  “Wow” (and not in a good way) to describe any part of your home..assume there is a problem. Buyers are NEVER looking for these things in a home. Think of your home as if it was the dessert at a huge dinner party. Let’s say you decide to serve ice cream. Your first inclination is to mix together  Rum Raisin with Pistachio with Rocky Road. Not a whole lot of people are going to find that appetizing. Same goes for your home. Much better to appeal to everyone and serve something maybe a little boring like vanilla ice cream with colorful sprinkles. Pretty much everyone likes vanilla and the colorful sprinkles add just enough color and pop to keep it interesting.

Unique, Funky Out Of The Box and Wow...and not in a good way

I want to leave you with one more photo of a kitchen in a home that I was asked to stage where I was honestly left speechless.






Don’t you think every kitchen should have a life sized doll next to a shopping bag that says “Born To Shop” and a porcelain shoe?….I love my job!!!

9 Responses to 10 Things Buyers Don’t Care about (Part Two)
  1. Kelly Reply

    hahahahaha!! Did the homeowner like the doll?? OMG. How funny people are. Hard not to LOL sometimes when you first walk in. Thanks for sharing.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Kelly, you should have seen the rest of her house!

  2. SuZanne Reply

    Hey Linda,

    Loved what you did, but how come it started with number 6…did I do something wrong.

    You are right to the point. I followed your advise when I sold my home. Not my taste, but it let the buyer imagine what they wanted, and didn’t push my quirky style on them.

    I’m going to send your advise on to my brother.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      SuZanne, Part one (1-5) was the blog I wrote before this one.

  3. SuZanne Reply

    Ooops! Isee there was a part one I missed.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Glad you found 1-5!

  4. Susan Siefer Reply

    Linda, great series. That kitchen…speechless. We do get to see it all, huh?

  5. RT Reply

    ok, so I’m late to the party :)) the 2nd photo I wouldn’t be put off if I walked into a house to potentially purchase.
    The last 2, especially that kitchen (what where they thinking lol) I would definitely not consider. Standing in that room can’t be at all relaxing or cheery 😀

    The one with the wallpaper, unless the rest of the house was perfect as in size, rooms, location, school district etc, I wouldn’t consider either since it took me months to gradually try to take off the wallpaper from our kitchen and resurface it all before painting.

    I’m a bit surprised that wallpaper seems to be making a comeback. I always thought it limited you to decorating and even changing colors in a room easily. It was the only reason I added wallpaper to my kitchen, since most of the walls were cabinets. Never papered any other room in the house.

  6. Katherine Waters-Clark Reply

    Linda I had a good laugh reading this post. Absolutely right on the money. As a Realtor I work with many buyers and sellers and buyers to NOT care at ALL about your stuff! They only are thinking of THEMSELVES and if THEY can live there? Sellers, pack it up, donate it, get it out!!

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